Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Top 10 Apps for Job Seekers

1) Job Aware

This free app contains a number of tools to help you find your ideal job. Technology used includes progress tracking, salary comparisons and top city search. Jobs can be searched according to industry and specific job titles. This app also allows you to narrow down your search by hours and availability.

For instance, you can search for freelance, part-time and/or full-time positions. Use this app to take advantage of your LinkedIn contacts, discovering possible job opportunities through your social network and friends. You can utilize your address book to your full advantage by using this app.

2) Jobs by CareerBuilder, LLC

Career Builder has a strong reputation for being an excellent career placement firm. Start using their app to find the job, or career, position you desire. The database contains over two million

open positions, all which have been thoroughly checked out by the company before being included in the database. All positions are current and open for receiving applications, saving you time and frustration in finding one that is compatible for your skills and background.

The app has the capability of preparing your resume in a professional manner, which can save you time and money. Both the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 platforms are supported by this free app.

You can search for jobs by location, title, keywords and hours. Once you find an interesting position, you can click on the job title for more information.

3) jobs
This free job app is an added bonus to your online account, by offering full functionality. The app makes keeping track of your potential job opportunities easy and convenient on mobile devices. It automatically syncs with your online Monster account so your job hunting tools and information are immediately available as needed. This app gives you immediate remote access to your saved resumes, cover letters, job alerts, highlighted job postings, and application history. It allows you to search for jobs by location, keyword and title. You can opt to login with your Facebook account, also. The app is compatible with iPod touch, iPad and iPhone and requires an iOS 4.0 or higher.

4) Business Card Reader

Business cards play a crucial role in providing contact information. This app, which costs $5, was developed by IM+. It allows you to snap pictures of a business card on your iPhone and/or iPad. You import the business card information directly into your iOS address book. It easily integrates with your existing Customer Relation Management systems and LinkedIn accounts.

5) Pocket Resume 

Your job hunting depends upon a professional-appearing resume. This app allows you to quickly create, save, preview, modify and email an impressive resume from an iPad or iPhone/iPod Touch. Sections include cover letter, basic info, profile, experience, education and skills.

6) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a popular online networking site geared towards business. The LinkedIn app allows you to post a resume, search contacts working in industries you desire, and email profiles to new network connections. Use the app to visit company profiles and find if there are available positions you can apply for. Ask your network for referrals. Use the app to download your networking connections to your mobile device's address book.

LinkedIn also offers an app known as CardMunch to organize business card collections into electronic formats, all mobile device-friendly. Utilize this.

7) Monster Interviews

This free app, offered by, prepares you for all aspects of the interview, ranging from the pre-interview stage to the post-interview stage. This app contains a variety of questions, with appropriate answers you can practice. It also discusses how to dress for the interview. If needed, you can download your favorite song and listen to it as you go through the virtual tour and tutorial for this powerful app.

8) BeKnown by Facebook/Monster

This free app uses your Facebook personal information to develop a targeted jobs list that can save you time and frustration during your job search. Your personal information is whatever you have chosen to include in your Facebook profile and any links and likes you have clicked on. One drawback to this app is the fact that if you want to apply for jobs or save a job search, it reroutes users back to the browser.

9) Great Career

This app, developed by motivator guru Stephen R. Covey, provides a wide array of organizational and motivational tools to keep your job search - and you - on track to achieving your goals and objectives. The app is a results-oriented, action-centered program that helps you learn about your strengths and weaknesses, build a positive support network and determine how you can contribute best. Use this app to locate career development resources that can help you get ahead.

10) E-Lance

E-Lance is a well-known site geared towards freelancers. You can develop a professional profile, bid and apply for work, plus research company information. If freelancing is your cup of tea, consider purchasing this valuable app for only $2. You can use the app to browse through currently available job listings with your mobile device. The app allows you to then email yourself the job listings so you can pursue them further when back at your home computer.

With so many apps available for job seekers, utilize as many as possible to make your searching as fruitful as possible.

About Author:- Jamie Cody is a writer for centernetworks and often writes about technology and reviews on various products and services like iPage web hosting.

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