Thursday, December 8, 2011

The story of INTERNSHIP

The story of INTERNSHIP - Aaskti :

The word INTERNSHIP enters into the life of students when they are near the first summer of their undergraduate college life (esp in technical colleges). They hear it repeatedly from their seniors as to who got selected into which company and the numerous plans of bagging a PPO(pre-placement offer. These discussions come and go as hear-say amongst the freshers who look forward spending an awesome summer at home. But after the break a sudden change comes into the attitude of almost everyone - this maybe due to the feel of being a sophomore or due to the success stories of the same seniors. The never-ending discussions about the exposure to industry life, the splendid opportunities to work under renowned professors or researchers, a new app developed by them or a new research paper in their name along with even certain monetary benefits in some paid internships are more than enough to put the bugs into these young minds. Some of the unguided ones simply plunge into the vast ocean of opportunities without equipping themselves with proper aid and soon their enthusiasm dies either due to tiresome but mostly useless random searches or due to the fear of rejection. But the successful ones are those who keep their nerver under control on the spur of the moment and chart out a careful strategy. This does not require a super brain since it has got nothing to do with the national security. But it saves the time lost in fruitless effort. .

A guide/mentor/professor/senior/elders/e-counsellors who have the experience or knowledge of your field will help a lot in deciding showing you the correct path to reach your desired goal. The first and foremost thing that should be done is to get a brief knowledge about the diverse opportunities available once you graduate say a Computer engineer can work as a programmer, network engineer, system administrator, web designer, professor etc. Depending on your particular field of interest start noting down the names of companies/research centers and labs/college departments/start-ups/independent researchers(looking for sub-ordinates). After the initial list has been prepared start finding out their selection criteria, whether your college has any tie-ups with them or if someone you know or any of your senior has worked there. This will help you curb your innermost fear of rejection and give a boost to your confidence that getting into one of these is not impossible – it’s just a matter of hard work and correct approach. Having the list of qualifications and other requirements ready start an introspection as to your strengths and weaknesses, what all courses you need to take or what are the subjects you should focus more. Keep a tab on the application dates. Keep a CV handy and make sure to improve it with every passing day so as it catches the employers' eyes once you apply.

But during the entire procedure never neglect your regular studies since at the end of your course your results do matter. Devote a considerable time to this but not your entire clock. Also getting yourself registered to blogs like ESG and other such sites bring opportunities to your inbox and save your time and effort.

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