Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Placement Saga

My Placement Saga- Aaskti:

Hello everyone , this is my first post on the ESG network . Since the network is committed to e-counseling of students and being recently placed what topic could have been better than my experience of campus placement . The journey of TATA TECHNOLOGIES LTD. began with its arrival announcement on our college portal . Since TATA is a big name in itself and TTL being a (earlier) part of TATA MOTORS , I decided to try my luck in it . A thorough search about its placement procedures lead to revelation of certain basic but important facts as in - it is a JAVA based company , they have approx 60% cut-off in the first round with no negative marking , first round would be online with different set of questions for each candidate and there will be certain portion from general knowledge as well .Though I was quite confident with my preparation of aptitude section but the general knowledge always leaves me sweating .

So I decided to win my battle with the less dreadning JAVA (which happens to be my favorite programming language) . I quickly collected all the previous placement papers of different colleges in which TTL had visited earlier. In, this blogs helped me a ton . Along with core JAVA ample number of questions were from ADVANCE JAVA and DBMS as well . Though ADV JAVA sounds quite dreadful but the questions were of quite basic level . Since I did not have enough time to go through the thick COMPLETE REFERENCE FOR JAVA and the DBMS books , I dusted my APTECH handbooks and went through them from cover-to-cover . This really helped me to recollect the important concepts as well as refreshed some forgotten terms . To regain my confidence in database , I referred to my all time favorite Sumita Arora (which I have been using since my +2 days).

The entire placement procedure was scheduled for two days . The company had decided to screen the students on the basis of objective questions section and the selected students would be allowed for the PRE-PLACEMENT TALK . Though most of the companies give their pre-placement talk initially to introduce students to their culture and environment.

Round 1 :

I was a bit nervous but somehow managed to keep my head cool . I started solving the questions . Aptitude was R S AGGARWAL level (both verbal and non-verbal) so I didn't have much difficulty with it . The general knowledge question doomed me , I hardly knew an answer so I made some wild guesses (since there was no negative marking) . Luckily , out of 60 just 5 questions were of this section so it saved me . Then I found that my set had majority JAVA questions with rare glances of DBMS . Here my last moment revision helped me a lot . Many questions were based on the important terms of both core and advanced section while some were logical as well . The paper was overall balanced.

I had a positive expectation after the test.

After two days , the results were out and I made to the second round.

The pre-placement talk introduced us to the working environment of TTL . It works along with TATA MOTORS . The mechanical/production students would be taken for designing while the CS/IT would work on ERP solutions and SAP modules . What excited us most was the discussion on JAGUAR project . Everyone was quite keen to work on it.

Round 2 :

It was a GD (general discussion round). Students were called in batches of 8 . 10 minutes was allotted to each group - 9 for discussion and 1 for conclusion . The observers were throughout guiding the students to not to lose their temper . My group was third last . Though I had gone through the recent important events such as that of ANNA HAZARE , yet I was really nervous this time . What if no point clicks me !! What if I am not able to get a chance among the 8 speakers vying to get their voice heard !! The initial groups had general topics as in "The effect of advertisements" etc . When finally my turn came . The topic was "Is China a threat to Indian economy ?" . In the one minute we were given to think , I could literally think of nothing but just one point - about the mobile market . As the bell rang signalling us to begin our discussion ,there was total silence for a second . I decided to grab the opportunity and opened the GD and put my only point after a brief introduction of the topic . Opening the GD with a relevant point always gives an edge and this boosted my confidence.

After this the discussion began to flow with almost every one supporting the topic expect two(including me) . Through out the time , I gave one or the other short points to make my presence felt and support my stand . Fortunately , at the time of conclusion there was no major opposition and every one agreed unanimously for - "Though China might sound a threat in the present but it is not so in the long run."

It was almost evening and I had been waiting impatiently for the results . I was relieved when I saw my name in the list of candidates selected for interview.

Round 3 :

The interview had both technical and HR rounds . Though HR rounds have been my strong point but at times I fail to give my optimum in the technical rounds . I was called for the technical round first . I mumbled a small prayer and entered the room . Unlike my expectation , the two interviewers lightened the scenario by asking certain basic questions first like my introduction , subjects I have read till now in B.E. and why I opted for the extension center of B.I.T. Mesra . After that they shifted to a series of database questions . Though I answered most of them but even gave some wrong answers . Then they asked me if I had some experience in web application development . Luckily I had . This was again followed by some more questions . This time they were quite specific about their work and wanted to check if I could easily adapt to new programming skills or not . After approx 45 minutes , my interview was over.

It was 10 p.m. by then and I was totally exhausted . But I had to wait for some more time before my turn came for HR round.

The HR began with details of educational as well as family background . They asked for 10th , 12th percentage , AIEEE ranks, current class rank , CGPA etc along with some work info of family members . Then they wanted to know if I had any preference for place of joining or working shifts . Prior to me most the candidates had been asked a common question as to why should the company hire us and when I was thrown the same , before I could present my well-polished answer the HR changed it to "Give me one reason why TTL should not hire you." . It left me thinking for some time but I confidently answered "Sir, presently I don't see any reason why the company shouldn't hire me." . Though I was a bit apprehend what if the HR took it as a sign of arrogance . Some more general HR questions were asked . It was 11 p.m. when I came out of the HR room with mind full of expectations and apprehensions for the final outcome and a completely empty stomach . After having dinner , we all were waiting nervously for the list of selected candidates .

My joy knew no bounds when at around 1:30 a.m. a telephone call from the Training and Placement Division informed me that I was one of the selected candidates and I needed to come to the T&P Cell next day to collect some forms.

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